Prime Evil

Prime Evil may refer to:

  • Prime Evil (EP), a 1997 EP from Raymond Watts
  • Prime Evil (anthology), a 1988 anthology of horror short stories, edited by Douglas E. Winter
  • Prime Evil (album), the sixth studio album from Venom
  • Prime Evil (Buffy novel), a 2000 novel based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Prime Evil, the primary villain in the Ghostbusters cartoon series

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Ghostbusters (1986 TV Series) - Recurring Characters - Villains
... Prime Evil The primary villain is a wizard, although he appears to be a robot with an android-like human skull and garbed in flowing red robes ... Prime Evil has many evil powers including the ability to shoot energy bolts from his fingers ... Prime Evil's minions often find themselves getting zapped when they do not succeed in stopping the Ghostbusters ...
Ghostbusters (1986 TV Series) - Recurring Characters - Villains - Other
... Big Evil Prime Evil's overweight rival with four arms and pointed ears ... He's so powerful that he forced Prime Evil to team up with the Ghostbusters to defeat him ... Remarkably, Corpulon is one of the few ghosts who is not associated with Prime Evil ...
Prime Evil (EP)
... Prime Evil is a 1997 EP released by Raymond Watts (as PIG) It was released exclusively in Japan as a follow-up to 1996's Wrecked ... Wrecked as well as a cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" and the original tracks "Prime Evil" and "The Keeper of the Margarita" ...
Ghostbusters (1986 TV Series) - Episodes
... The Ransom of Eddie Spencer" / Sep-19-1986 (Prime evil kidnaps Eddie...but Eddie`s constant clumsy antics makes Prime evil wish he hadn`t) "Eddie Takes Charge" / Sep-22-1986 "Th ...

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