Prima Facie Duties

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W. D. Ross - Ross's Ethical Theory
... maximising the good is only one of several prima facie duties (prima facie obligations) which play a role in determining what a person ought to do in any given case ... Ross gives a list of seven prima facie duties, which he does not claim is all-inclusive fidelity reparation gratitude non-maleficence justice ... In any given situation, any number of these prima facie duties may apply ...
Doe Subpoena - Legal Standards - Summary Judgment Standard Followed By Balancing
... if the plaintiff is able to meet its burden, to balance the strength of the plaintiff's prima facie case against the poster's interest in remaining anonymous ... statements (3) the complaint must set forth a prima facie cause of action (4) the plaintiff must support each element of the claim with sufficient evidence and (5) "the court must balance the defendant's First ... to be heard, coupled with a showing of a prima facie case and the application of a balancing test—such as the standard set forth in Dendrite—most appropriately balances a speaker's ...
Breed-specific Legislation - United States - Samples of Legislation
... as a pit bull or any of the dogs listed above shall constitute prima facie evidence the animal is prohibited by this section ... using the above standards shall be prima facie proof and create a rebuttable presumption that a dog is a pit bull." The owners of any pit bull legally resident within the city must register ... The ownership, keeping or harboring of such a breed of dog shall be prima-facie evidence of the ownership, keeping or harboring of a vicious dog ...
Index Of Philosophy Articles (I–Q) - P
... paradox Price discrimination Prices of production Pride Prima facie Prima facie duties Prima facie duty Prima facie right Primacy of mind Primary and secondary qualities ...

Famous quotes containing the words duties, prima and/or facie:

    ... the prevalent custom of educating young women only for marriage, and not for the duties and responsibilities consequent on marriage—only for appendages and dead weights to husbands—of bringing them up without an occupation, profession, or employment, and thus leaving them dependent on anyone but themselves—is an enormous evil, and an unpardonable sin.
    Harriot K. Hunt (1805–1875)

    I’ve given parties that have made Indian rajahs green with envy. I’ve had prima donnas break $10,000 engagements to come to my smallest dinners. When you were still playing button back in Ohio, I entertained on a cruising trip that was so much fun that I had to sink my yacht to make my guests go home.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896–1940)

    I have never doubted your courage and devotion to the cause. But you have just lost a Division, and prima facie the fault is upon you; and while that remains unchanged, for me to put you in command again, is to justly subject me to the charge of having put you there on purpose to have you lose another.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)