Priestly Robe (Judaism)

Priestly Robe (Judaism)

The priestly robe (Hebrew me'il מְעִיל ), sometimes robe of the ephod (meil ha-ephod מְעִיל הָאֵפֹוד), is one of the sacred articles of clothing (bigdei kehunah) of the Jewish High Priest. The robe is described in Exodus 28:31-35. It was worn under the Ephod.

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Priestly Robe (Judaism) - Rabbinical Commentary
... Rashi deduces a law for all the priestlyvestments “From the negative one can derive the positive if he will have them he will not be liable for death thus ... According to the Talmud, the wearing of the priestlyrobe atoned for the sin of evil speech on the part of the Children of Israel (B.Zevachim 88b) ... In traditional Rabbinical teaching, each of the priestlyrobes is intended to atone for a particular sin on the part of the Children of Israel ...

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