President McKinley Inauguration Footage

President McKinley Inauguration Footage is the name given to two different short documentary films which were combined as one. The two titles are President McKinley Taking the Oath and President McKinley and Escort Going to the Capitol. Both date from 1901. The two show president William McKinley arriving at the United States Capitol in order to take the oath of office for President of the United States as part of the second inauguration of William McKinley.

Both were produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company, under the direction of Thomas Edison, and in 2000 the United States Library of Congress deemed the two "culturally significant" and selected them for preservation in the National Film Registry.

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    Major [William] McKinley visited me. He is on a stumping tour.... I criticized the bloody-shirt course of the canvass. It seems to me to be bad “politics,” and of no use.... It is a stale issue. An increasing number of people are interested in good relations with the South.... Two ways are open to succeed in the South: 1. A division of the white voters. 2. Education of the ignorant. Bloody-shirt utterances prevent division.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)