Presidency of Ronald Reagan - Administration and Cabinet

Administration and Cabinet

The Reagan Cabinet
Office Name Term
President Ronald Reagan 1981–1989
Vice President George H.W. Bush 1981–1989
Secretary of State Alexander Haig 1981–1982
George P. Shultz 1982–1989
Secretary of Treasury Donald Regan 1981–1985
James A. Baker III 1985–1988
Nicholas F. Brady 1988–1989
Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger 1981–1987
Frank C. Carlucci 1987–1989
Attorney General William F. Smith 1981–1985
Edwin A. Meese III 1985–1988
Richard Thornburgh 1988–1989
Secretary of the Interior James G. Watt 1981–1983
William P. Clark, Jr. 1983–1985
Donald P. Hodel 1985–1989
Secretary of Agriculture John Rusling Block 1981–1986
Richard E. Lyng 1986–1989
Secretary of Commerce Howard M. Baldrige, Jr. 1981–1987
C. William Verity, Jr. 1987–1989
Secretary of Labor Raymond J. Donovan 1981–1985
William E. Brock 1985–1987
Ann Dore McLaughlin 1987–1989
Secretary of Health and
Human Services
Richard S. Schweiker 1981–1983
Margaret Heckler 1983–1985
Otis R. Bowen 1985–1989
Secretary of Education Terrel Bell 1981–1984
William J. Bennett 1985–1988
Lauro Cavazos 1988–1989
Secretary of Housing and
Urban Development
Samuel R. Pierce, Jr. 1981–1989
Secretary of Transportation Drew Lewis 1981–1983
Elizabeth Hanford Dole 1983–1987
James H. Burnley IV 1987–1989
Secretary of Energy James B. Edwards 1981–1982
Donald Paul Hodel 1982–1985
John S. Herrington 1985–1989
Chief of Staff James Baker 1981–1985
Donald Regan 1985–1987
Howard Baker 1987–1988
Kenneth Duberstein 1988–1989
Administrator of the
Environmental Protection Agency
Anne M. Burford 1981–1983
William D. Ruckelshaus 1983–1985
Lee M. Thomas 1985–1989
Director of the Office of
Management and Budget
David A. Stockman 1981–1985
James C. Miller III 1985–1988
Joseph R. Wright, Jr. 1988–1989
United States Trade Representative William E. Brock III 1981–1985
Clayton K. Yeutter 1985–1989

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