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Superintendent (ecclesiastical) - Superintendents in Sweden
... of Kalmar (1603–1678, thereafter presided by a bishop till 1915, when merged with the diocese of Växjö ... Diocese of Göteborg (1620–1665, thereafter presided by a bishop) Diocese of Visby (1645–1772, thereafter presided by a bishop) Diocese of ...
Beary Language - Beary Sahitya Sammelana (Literary Summit of Bearys)
... The first Beary Sahitya Sammelana was presided by B.M ... The second Beary Sahitya Sammelana was presided by Goltha Majalu Abdul Khader Haji ... The third Beary Sahitya Sammelana was presided by Beary research scholar Prof ...
Brian Smedley - Legal Career - Other Trials
... In 1995, he presided at the trial of an IRA sympathiser for possessing 3.5 pounds of Semtex, and in 1997 at the trial of three members of an IRA bombing unit ... He presided at the trial Horrett Campbell in 1996, for a machete attack on teachers and pupils at a primary school in Wolverhampton earlier that year, praising the ... He also presided at the trial of Kevan Roberts in 1999 for the murder of 12-year-old Thomas Marshall, whose body was found in woods near Thetford in 1997 ...
IUAES - Congresses
... I Congress (1934) - London, UK, presided by The Earl of Onslow II Congress (1938) - Copenhagen, Denmark, presided by Thomas Thomsen III Congress (1948) - Brussels, Belgium, presided by Ed de Jonghe ... Tolstov VIII Congress (1968) - Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan, presided by Masao Oka IX Congress (1973) - Chicago, USA, presided by Sol Tax X Congress (1978) - New Delhi, India, presided ... Vidyarthi XI Congress (1983) - Quebec City and Vancouver, Canada, presided by Cyril S ...
Legislative Assemblies Of The Roman Kingdom - Curiate Assembly
... The king presided over the assembly, and submitted decrees to it for ratification ... An interrex presided over the assembly during interim periods between kings (the interregnum) ... Assembly elected the new king, and the Senate ratified that election, the interrex then presided over the assembly as it voted on the law that granted the king his legal powers (th ...

Famous quotes containing the word presided:

    The meeting in the open of two dogs, strangers to each other, is one of the most painful, thrilling, and pregnant of all conceivabale encounters; it is surrounded by an atmosphere of the last canniness, presided over by a constraint for which I have no preciser name; they simply cannot pass each other, their mutual embarrassment is frightful to behold.
    Thomas Mann (1875–1955)

    Dreams have a poetic integrity and truth. This limbo and dust- hole of thought is presided over by a certain reason, too. Their extravagance from nature is yet within a higher nature.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)