Present Absentees

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Present Absentees
... were placed under the control of a government body, the Custodian of Absentees' Property via legislation that includes the 1948 Emergency Regulation ... the movement of Arab citizens of Israel, and it combined with the Absentees' Property Laws to prevent internally displaced citizens from physically returning to their properties to reclaim ... According to the Absentees' Property Laws, "absentees" are non-Jewish residents of Palestine who had left his usual place of residence for any place inside or outside the country ...
Arab Citizens Of Israel - Legal and Political Status - Property Ownership and Housing
... A significant portion of JNF lands were originally properties left behind by Palestinian "absentees" and as a result the legitimacy of some JNF land ownership ... after the state took control of them according to the Absentee Properties Law ... The 1950 Absentees Property Law stipulated that any property within post-war Israel which was owned by an Arab who had left the country between 29 November 1947 and 19 May 1948, or by a Palestinian ...
Arab Citizens Of Israel - History - 1948 Arab-Israeli War
... period of armed conflict, but remained in what had become Israeli territory, were considered to be "present absentees" ... Some 274,000, or 1 of every 4 Arab citizens of Israel are "present absentees" or internally displaced Palestinians ... Notable cases of "present absentees" include the residents of Saffuriyya and the Galilee villages of Kafr Bir'im and Iqrit ...

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