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Arabic Architecture - Architecture Forms and Styles of Mosques and Buildings in Muslim Countries - Forms
... are square or rectangular in plan with an enclosed courtyard and a covered prayer hall ... Eastern climates, the courtyard served to accommodate the large number of worshippers during Friday prayers ... Most early hypostyle mosques have flat roofs on top of prayer halls, necessitating the use of numerous columns and supports ...
Mosque Of Sultan Al-Muayyad - Architecture and Appearance - Exterior
... into disrepair, and today only the eastern facade and the prayer hall are original to the mosque ... to include a symmetrical pair of domed mausoleums flanking a prayer hall this ambition was curbed when the dome of the second mausoleum was not completed ... On either side of the prayer hall are funerary chambers, housing the Sultan and his son in one and female members of the Sultan's family in the other ...
New Synagogue (Berlin) - History
... Besides being used for prayers the main hall was also used for concerts and lectures since other venues were blocked for Jews ... On Sunday, March 31, 1940 the main prayer hall was last used by the congregation, this time for the last concert of a series of benefit concerts in favour of the Jüdisches Winterhilfswerk (J ... their belongings from their shelves in the prayer hall by Monday April 8 ...
Al-Shamiyah Al-Kubra Madrasa - Architecture - Prayer Hall
... Entered through the eastern door along the portico, the prayer hall is a rectangular space covered with pointed cross vaults resting on piers ...
Al-Mujahidiyah Madrasa
... having two iwans situated north and south and a small prayer hall to the south ... The prayer hall is accessed through a small doorway topped by an arched window inside the southern iwan, which has and a kufic inscription that gives ... The prayer hall now has a new mihrab and a new wooden minbar, with no major decorations ...

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