Powerslide may refer to:

  • Powerslide driving, a throttle-on induced oversteer. Initiating a drift (oversteer) by applying the throttle in a turn enough to make the rear wheels break traction and slide out
  • Powerslide, a braking technique used in inline skating
  • Powerslide Sportartikelvertriebs GmbH, a German manufacturer of inline skates
  • Power slide, a video game mechanic introduced by Urban Terror
  • Powerslide (video game) (aka PowerSlide), a racing game by Ratbag Games

Other articles related to "powerslide":

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 - Gameplay
... tap the brake once whilst turning to break into a smooth powerslide whilst Grip cars requires players to alternate between brakes and gas whilst turning to powerslide ... and Terrazi, which determines the style of car and powerslide type the player will use ...
Powerslide (video Game)
... Powerslide (aka PowerSlide) is a post-apocalyptic PC racing game developed by the now defunct Ratbag Games ... Powerslide was praised for its graphics and AI in particular, which were both impressive for their time ... A sequel, Powerslide Slipstream, was in development as of 2004, but Ratbag could find no suitable publisher, and shortly after their company was shut down ...
Ratbag Games - About The Games
... Ratbag made a name for itself with its debut title Powerslide ... Powerslide was met with critical if not commercial success, receiving a lot of publicity from the Australian gaming media ... of titles going unpublished, most notably the follow-up to Powerslide, Powerslide Slipstream ...
Geon: Emotions - Gameplay - Emotions
... Obscure, Vortex, Extract, Snakeit, Shield, Powerslide, and Speedup Jumpbash punches through the ground, damaging the enemy emotion and forcing them to lose emotes, which sets them back ... Powerslide dashes quickly in a straight line, which can bash the enemy emotion ... Passion's Powerslide is faster, goes further, and has more force ...
Powerslide (video Game) - Powerslide: Slipstream
... A follow-up, Powerslide Slipstream, as of 2004, was in development by the same company responsible for the original Powerslide ...