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List Of Tallest Structures In Hungary - Tallest Structures
46.8343361 19.0315389 (Solt Radio Tower) insulated against ground Chimney (Tisza Chemical Factory) Tiszaújváros 250 Chimney (concrete) 1974 47°55′0.6″N 21°4′34.1″E / 47.916833°N 21.0761 ...
List Of Tallest Structures In Italy
... transmitter) insulated against ground Punta Maestra Chimney Porto Tolle Chimney 899. 44°57′26″N 12°29′51″E / 44.95722°N 12.4975°E / 44.95722 12.4975 (Punt ...
List Of Tallest Buildings And Structures In Greece
38.1502333 23.8601917 (ERA-Radio Mast) used for broadcasting on 729 kHz Chimney of Amyntaio Power Station Amyntaio Chimney 200 m 656 ft ? 40°37′09.43 ...
List Of Tallest Structures In The United Kingdom - Structures 150 To 200 Metres Tall
51.505417°N 0.0174222°W / 51.505417 -0.0174222 (HSBC Tower) Didcot A Power Station 199.5 metres (655 ft) 1972 chimney Didcot, Oxfordshire concrete tower 51°37′20.1 ... open to public outside London (though not to its pinnacle) Blyth B Power Station 170 metres (558 ft) 1962 chimneys Blyth, Northumberland concrete tower 55°8′33″N 1°31′39″W / 55 ...
List Of Tallest Structures In The Netherlands
... KNMI-mast Cabauw) Meteorological research station Shell Pernis 1968/1974 Chimney Pernis 213 m (699 ft) 51°53′2.36″N 4°21′54.09″E / 51.8839889°N 4.365 ... Height extended in 1970 Hemweg Power Plant Chimney Amsterdam 178 m (584 ft) 52°24′22.28″N 4°50′40.26″E / 52.4061889°N 4.8445167°E / 52.4061889 4.8445167 (Hemweg Power ...

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