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Cycle Of Poverty - Causes of The Cycle - Culture of Poverty
... Another theory for the perpetual cycle of poverty is that poor people have their own culture with a different set of values and beliefs which keep them trapped within that cycle generation to generation ... In this book she explains how there is a class system in the United States where there is a wealthy upper class, a middle class, and the working poor class ... In order to understand the culture of poverty and how the poor class’s set of rules tend to keep them trapped in this continual cycle Payne describes these rules and how they ...

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    Women ... are completely alone, though they were born and bred upon this soil, as if they belonged to another class in creation.
    “Jennie June” Croly 1829–1901, U.S. founder of the woman’s club movement, journalist, author, editor. F, Demorest’s Illustrated Monthly Mirror of Fashions, pp. 363-4 (December 1870)

    Are there no Moravians in the Moon, that not a missionary has yet visited this poor pagan planet of ours, to civilize civilization and christianize Christendom?
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)