Pontevedra CF - Colours and Crest

Colours and Crest

The traditional colours of Pontevedra C.F. are burgundy shirt, blue shorts and burgundy socks. However, during certain periods white shorts and blue socks were also used, and even a blue and burgundy ribboned shirt for a short period of time.

The current colours are the traditional, with the crest of the club on the left upper part of the shirt. The name of the sponsor (if any) is normally placed in the centre of the shirt.

The crest is a fusion between the coat of arms of the city of Pontevedra and a football ball, displaying the name of the city/club and the letters "CF".

The club has an official mascot called Roélio, a walking bone dressed in the club colours. The bone is a reference to the Hai que roelo motto.

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