Ponte Sisto - Renaissance Ponte Sisto

Renaissance Ponte Sisto

The bridge is architecturally characteristic because of its central circular 'Oculus' or eye. It connects the popular night-life areas near Campo de' Fiori and Trastevere and has become part of popular culture and featured in films, music videos, and adverts.

The Ponte Sisto connects the lively and Popular Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere, where many young Romans gather for an apperitivo on a Friday night, with the via Pettinary and via Giulia in Campo Marte.

On the corner of via Pettinari and via Giulia once stood a fountain, a work of the Acqua Paola Aqueduct, the water of which was brought over the bridge from the Transtiberim to the Campo Marte via Ponte Sisto.

After the Unification of Italy in 1870, the buildings surrounding this fountain were destroyed, and the fountain itself relocated to Piazza Trilussa on the other side of the bridge, where it delivers water to this day.

The bridge still carries eight large pipes across the river, carrying the water of the Acqua Paola. Coordinates: 41°53′32.4″N 12°28′14.7″E / 41.892333°N 12.470750°E / 41.892333; 12.470750

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