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Holidays and Festivals

  • January 1: Feast of Aguinaldo and Guirria in San Juan de Belen.
  • Carnival Saturday: Aguinaldo de Sellaño
  • Holy Saturday: Market in the Trasiegu Sobrefoz.
  • May 13: Contest of cheese and Ponga Beyos days Beyos Cheese
  • Around May 15: San Isidro San Juan de Henbane
  • July 1: San Pedro in Sobrefoz
  • July 16: Ntra Sra del Carmen San Juan de Belen
  • 31 July: Feast of San Ignacio and Carangas Beyos
  • August 4, 5 and 6: Ntra Sra de las Nieves in Ladle and Sellaño
  • August 9: San Justo in Cadenava
  • August 10 and 11: San Lorenzo in Abiego
  • August 15 and 16: in Mrs Nra Taranes and Viego
  • Last weekend of August: The Arándanu in Bedules
  • September 1: La Santina de Ventaniella in Ventaniella
  • September 8: La Santina de Arcenoriu in Arcenoriu
  • Last weekend in November: Gastronomic Days of Hunting in the entire council

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