Polydivisible Numbers

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Polydivisible Number - Related Problems
... Other problems involving polydivisible numbers include Finding polydivisible numbers with additional restrictions on the digits - for example, the longest polydivisible ...
How Many Polydivisible Numbers Are There?
... If k is a polydivisible number with n-1 digits, then it can be extended to create a polydivisible number with n digits if there is a number between 10k and 10k+9 that is divisible by n ... If n is less or equal to 10, then it is always possible to extend an n-1 digit polydivisible number to an n-digit polydivisible number in this way, and indeed there may be more than one possible ... than 10, it is not always possible to extend a polydivisible number in this way, and as n becomes larger, the chances of being able to extend a given ...

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