POLS can mean:

  • Principle of least surprise
  • Political science

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Catalan Language - Grammar - Gender and Number Inflection
... There is a tendency to abandon traditionally gender-invariable adjectives in favour of marked ones, something prevalent in Occitan and French ... Thus, one can find bullent/bullenta ("boiling") in constrast with traditional bullent/bullent ...
Michelle Van Der Pols
... van der Pols also was a member of the Netherlands' 2010 Women's Hockey World Cup team. ...
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... A passage in the manual for The Legend of Zelda states that Pols Voices hate loud noises, referring to a feature only present in the Japanese version of the game which involved the microphone built into the Famicom controller ... As such, it was replaced with different weaknesses in other versions of the game, namely shooting an arrow will defeat it instantly ...