Polish Horseshoes

Polish Horseshoes (also called Spanish Horseshoes, Frisbeener in the midwest, French Darts in Virginia, and Beersbee in Canada) is an outdoor game played between two teams of two people using a Frisbee, two glass bottles, and stakes nailed into the ground. The game is played by the players taking turns throwing a Frisbee at a glass bottle that rests on top of the stakes in the ground. The two stakes are placed anywhere between 20 to 40 ft (6.1 to 12 m) apart. Players must hold a drink in one hand at all times, leaving only one hand free for throwing and catching

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Polish Horseshoes - Scoring
... The object of Polish Horseshoes is to knock the glass bottle off the stake either by hitting it directly or by hitting the stake ... This is called a "dinger" (similar to regular horseshoes if one scores a "ringer.") ...

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