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Grand River Land Dispute - Dispute Timeline - 2006
... the First Nations protestors to March 16 and he ordered that the service of the contempt motion on the respondents could be effected by the same methods ... April 20 The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), more than three weeks after the motions judge’s second contempt order, the OPP went to Douglas Creek Estates and arrested twenty-one persons under ... The police retreated and the natives reclaimed the site and set up roadblocks along the access street ...
List Of Contract Law Enforcement Municipalities In The United States
... government agencies to provide law enforcement (police) services ... city contracts with the County Sheriff's Department to provide their city police services ... municipalities contracting with an existing municipal police agency ...
Sheriffs In The United States - Sheriff Types By State - Michigan
... Sheriff's offices may primarily patrol areas of their county without municipal police services however, they are free to patrol anywhere in their ... Occasionally, this results in conflict over jurisdiction between municipal police agencies and sheriff's offices ... Washtenaw), sheriff's offices provide dedicated police services under contract to some municipalities, in lieu of those municipalities providing their own police services ...
Privatization In Criminal Justice
... in criminal justice refers to a shift to private ownership and control of criminal justice services ... The term is often used to refer simply to contracting out services, which takes place extensively in many countries today for instance, in the form of ... Many criminal justice services are privatized because the government lacks the means to carry them out ...
Gangs In Canada - By City - Toronto
... This has been attributed to the Toronto Police Services being alerted to their activities and cracking down with arrests ... Toronto Police Services work in conjunction with other Toronto area police services such as Peel Regional Police, Halton Regional Police, York Regional Police, Durham Regional Police and Hamilton ... Police raids in the early to mid 2000s took down many gang members resulting in some being deported back to Jamaica, Trinidad, Liberia, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Portugal ...

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    Men will say that in supporting their wives, in furnishing them with houses and food and clothes, they are giving the women as much money as they could ever hope to earn by any other profession. I grant it; but between the independent wage-earner and the one who is given his keep for his services is the difference between the free-born and the chattel.
    Elizabeth M. Gilmer (1861–1951)

    Now, honestly: if a large group of ... demonstrators blocked the entrances to St. Patrick’s Cathedral every Sunday for years, making it impossible for worshipers to get inside the church without someone escorting them through screaming crowds, wouldn’t some judge rule that those protesters could keep protesting, but behind police lines and out of the doorways?
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1953)