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In The Manga

In the Pokémon manga series, Pokémon Adventures, Red encounters and battles Team Rocket in many locations, including Mt. Moon, the Vermillion port, where they were kidnapping Pokémon for transport by sea, Lavender Tower and during their siege of Saffron City. "Rocket" is an acronym standing for “Raid On the City, Knock-out, Evil Tusks.”

A major difference between the manga and other versions of Team Rocket is that several Gym Leaders are antagonists in the manga. Blaine is a former Team Rocket Scientist who had combined the DNA of Mew with his own DNA, creating Mewtwo. However, he gained the DNA of Mewtwo as well, giving him the ability to track Mewtwo. The manga also shows Koga, Lt. Surge, and Sabrina as high-ranking operatives of Team Rocket.

After being defeated by the protagonists in the R/B/Y arc, Team Rocket was reformed under the Mask of Ice, who recruited the Rocket Grunts that were left behind, forcing those who are not interested by controlling them with masks. In the final chapters of G/S/C, he is defeated by Gold and his Pichu and sent into the voids of time.

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