Podgorica Rail Station

The Podgorica Rail Station (Montenegrin: Жељезничка станица Подгорица / Željeznička stanica Podgorica) is a railroad station located in Podgorica, Montenegro.

First railway station in Podgorica was built in 1927 near the clock tower in the Stara Varoš (Old Town) part of the city, some 0.8 km (0.50 mi) away from the current station. The current station was built after World war 2, and upgraded gradually to current shape and capacity up to the 1970s.

The station is the only one in Podgorica, and serves as a hub for Railways of Montenegro. The Belgrade–Bar railway converges with the line to Nikšić and line to Shkodër at the station. The station is a through station, located on a trunk line that bisects Podgorica in a northsouth direction.

The station building itself was not planned as a permanent passenger station, but rather as an administration and control center of the Montenegrin railway system. The passenger terminal was to be built as a separate building. However, due to the lack of funds, the current building is still serving as a provisional passenger terminal. Thus, the waiting room, restaurant, ticket booths and retail facilities are of inadequate capacity, and the quality of service is inferior compared to the main stations of cities of similar size.

There are three tracks for passenger service, served by one side platform adjacent to the terminal building, and one island platform, with at grade pedestrian crossing between the two. The area further from the station terminal building is occupied by the largest rail yard in Montenegro, and numerous service, repair, freight, and other facilities used by the Montenegrin railway companies. This large area surrounding the station, coupled with the headquarters and operational services situated in the station building, makes up the heart of the Montenegrin railway system.

Coordinates: 42°25′57″N 19°16′09″E / 42.4325°N 19.2693°E / 42.4325; 19.2693

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