Podgorica Assembly

The Podgorica Assembly (Serbian: Подгоричка скупштина / Podgorička skupština), in full the Great National Assembly of the Serb People in Montenegro (Serbian: Велика Народна Скупштина Српског Народа у Црној Гори / Velika Narodna Skupština Srpskog Naroda u Crnoj Gori), was an assembly held in Podgorica that served as the representative body of the Montenegrin people during the Creation of Yugoslavia in late 1918 and early 1919. It was organized by Central Executive Committee for Unification of Serbia and Montenegro which is created and financed by Kingdom of Serbia. It is most known for its decision to merge Montenegro with Serbia.

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Creation Of Yugoslavia - Kingdom of Serbia - Montenegro
... Main article Podgorica Assembly See also Kingdom of Montenegro Montenegro was originally created by the national-romantic desire of liberation and ... The Podgorica Assembly (formally the Great National Assembly of the Serb People in Montenegro) elected in that way and encircled by detachments of the Serbian army ... The Podgorica Assembly elected a provisional executive body known as the "Montenegrin Committee for Unity with Serbia" under Marko Daković which oversaw Montenegro's integration, until the SCS's ...
Podgorica Assembly - Legacy
... regained its independence in 2006 and the event was interpreted as a break of the assembly, initiating a controversy over its decisions ... Party of Montenegro wanted to formally cancel the decisions of the Podgorica Assembly by the Parliament of Montenegro after the adoption of the new Constitution in ... met with another controversy, as whether the decisions of the Podgorica Assembly were legal, as they were accepted as state decisions thus far, including opposition from the Liberal Party of ...
Christmas Uprising - Italian Role
... figures visited prominent Montenegrins who were known to be dissatisfied with the decisions of the Podgorica Assembly in order to spur them on to take up arms and rebel ... In late November 1918 during the Podgorica Assembly, Italian troops attempted to take control of the coastal areas of Montenegro under the guise of Entente troop movement ... thousand Montenegrins who were unhappy about the decisions of the Podgorica Assembly and the manner in which Montenegro united with Serbia ...

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