Plomin Tablet

Plomin tablet (Croatian: Plominski natpis) is a Croatian Glagolitic inscription at the outer wall of the church of Saint George in Plomin. Roman god of flora and fauna Silvanus is portrayed. This inscription bears witness of early parallelism of two cultural currents on Istrian territory: Romance symbol is an Antique relief, and Slavic, i.e. Croatian symbol is the Croatian language and Glagolitic script.

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Plomin Tablet - Dating and Interpretation
... Following this line of thought, Branko Fučić has in 1953, publishing Plomin tablet for the first time, formed an alternative theory according to which the relief Following Karaman's arguments and ... This conclusion was induced by the attribute the Plomin tablet figure hold in his hand ... attributes that would match with the attribute of Plomin tablet figure ...

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