Play IT Loud

Play It Loud is the first album by the British rock group Slade (and their first under this name, having previously been known as The 'N Betweens and Ambrose Slade). It was released on 28 November 1970 but did not enter the charts.

With very little promotion and advertising, the album failed to reach a wide audience. The absence of a 'hit' single was also a factor in this. It is regarded by some as an influential rock release, foreshadowing punk rock nearly seven years prior to its UK explosion.

The band appeared on the UK show Disco 2 to promote the album. They made three appearances during 1970. Three songs were performed from the album; Shape Of Things To Come, Know Who You Are and Sweet Box. All three performances have never surfaced since broadcasting.

Slade, in this incarnation, had adopted a "skinhead" image by suggestion of their manager Chas Chandler.

Play It Loud was remastered in 2006 and released with the Ambrose Slade album Beginnings on a single CD. Bonus tracks are the singles "Wild Winds Are Blowing" and "Get Down And Get With It".

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