Planning Exercise

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E. H. Carr - Biography - World War II
... which excludes social organization and economic planning ... advocacy of a socialist European economy under the control of an international planning board, and for his support for the idea of an Anglo-Soviet ... Neither Great Britain nor the United States can exercise, or will agree to exercise, any predominant role in these regions...There can be no doubt that British and Russian-an ...
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch) - Recruitment and Selection - OASC
... Group Planning Exercise Candidates will be assessed on their contribution to a classroom based group planning exercise requiring them to solve a theoretical scenario-based problem ... Leaderless Exercise Candidates will be assessed on their contribution to a practical exercise as a group in the OASC hangar without a nominated leader ... Command Situation Exercise Each candidate will be given the opportunity to lead the other members of their syndicate in tackling a practical exercise in the OASC hangar ...

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    That all may be so, but when I begin to exercise that power I am not conscious of the power, but only of the limitations imposed on me.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    My consciousness-raising group is still going on. Every Monday night it meets, somewhere in Greenwich Village, and it drinks a lot of red wine and eats a lot of cheese. A friend of mine who is in it tells me that at the last meeting, each of the women took her turn to explain, in considerable detail, what she was planning to stuff her Thanksgiving turkey with. I no longer go to the group.
    Nora Ephron (b. 1941)