Planar may refer to:

  • Planar (computer graphics), computer graphics pixel information from several bitplanes
  • Planar graph, graph that can be drawn so that no edges intersect (or that can be embedded) in the plane
  • Plane (geometry), a name for something made up of flat planes or pertaining to planes
  • Planar Systems, U.S. digital display manufacturing corporation based in Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Zeiss Planar, photographic lens designed by Paul Rudolph at Carl Zeiss in 1896
  • Planar device, computer hardware circuit in conventional PCI integrated into a motherboard

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Tetramethylammonium Pentafluoroxenate
... The XeF− 5 ion it contains was the first example of a planar pentagonal AX5E2 species ... The anion is planar, with the fluorine atoms in a slightly distorted pentagonal coordination (Xe-F bond lengths ranging from 197.9 - 203.4 pm and Xe-F bond angles ranging from 71.5 - 72.3 °) ... caesium and rubidium, and vibrational spectra shows that these contain the same planar ion ...
Shock Metamorphism - Effects - Mineral Microstructures - Planar Fractures
... Planar fractures are parallel sets of multiple planar cracks or cleavages in quartz grains they develop at the lowest pressures characteristic of shock ... Although the occurrence of planar fractures is relatively common in other deformed rocks, the development of intense, widespread, and closely spaced planar fractures is ...
String Graph - Related Graph Classes
... Every planar graph is a string graph one may form a string graph representation of an arbitrary plane-embedded graph by drawing a string for each vertex that loops around ... exactly the adjacent pairs of vertices of the original planar graph ... Alternatively, by the circle packing theorem, any planar graph may be represented as a collection of circles, any two of which cross if and only if the corresponding ...
Laman Graph - Planarity
... A pointed pseudotriangulation is a planar straight-line drawing of a graph, with the properties that the outer face is convex, that every bounded face is a pseudotriangle, a polygon with only three convex vertices ... as pointed pseudotriangulations are exactly the planar Laman graphs ... However, Laman graphs have planar embeddings that are not pseudotriangulations, and there are Laman graphs that are not planar, such as the utility graph K3,3 ...
Pole And Polar - Applications
... In planar dynamics a pole is a center of rotation, the polar is the force line of action and the conic is the mass-inertia matrix ... is used to define the center of percussion of a planar rigid body ... hinge point, then the polar is the percussion line of action as described in planar screw theory ...