Pitch Invasions

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Pitch Invasion - Australian Rules Football
... Pitch invasions, rarely hostile or violent, have long been a tradition of Australian rules football ... It is also a tradition for the crowd to engage in a mid-match pitch invasion when a player reaches a landmark achievement, typically a 100th goal in a season, a 1000th ... The AFL has not yet succeeded in preventing these mid-match invasions, but players are duly protected by bodyguards and stadium security while supporters flood onto the ...
Association Football Culture - Fans - Pitch Invasions
... Pitch invasions happen when supporters move from the stands onto the football pitch, some times to deliberately disrupt a match ... This is distinguished from times when, due to safety reasons, fans are let onto the pitch ... Examples of pitch invasions include the 1923 "White Horse" FA Cup final between Bolton and West Ham United at Wembley ...
Pitch Invasion - Association Football
... Please improve this article and discuss the issue on the talk page Pitch invasions are not uncommon but not as frequent nowadays in top level football, but historically it was common for ... in Kenneth Wolstenholme's famous "Some people are on the pitch, they think it's all over – it is now!" comment on the BBC's television coverage of the 1966 World Cup Final, 'they' were ... Pitch invasions are less common in the modern football era than in the 1970s and 1980s ...

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