Pistol Competition Badge

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Civilian Marksmanship Program - CMP and The Military Services
... armed forces are authorized to wear marksmanship competition badges, in accordance with each service's regulations, which are awarded by the CMP at sponsored competitions ... The following is a list of currently authorized CMP awarded badges U.S ... Distinguished International Shooter Badge Distinguished Rifleman Badge Army, Air Force, and U.S ...
Marksmanship Badge (United States) - Marksmanship Competition Badges - Marine Corps Marksmanship Competition Badges
... In addition to the marksmanship badges described above, the Marine Corps has numerous other marksmanship competition badges that are authorized for wear on ... These badges are awarded alongside trophies that are presented to the top performing Marines at Marine Corps marksmanship competitions ... The following marksmanship competition badges are authorized for wear on Marine Corps uniforms and are listed in order of precedence Distinguished ...

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    Mothers seem to be in subtle competition with teachers. There is always an underlying fear that teachers will do a better job than they have done with their child.... But mostly mothers feel that their areas of competence are very much similar to those of the teacher. In fact they feel they know their child better than anyone else and that the teacher doesn’t possess any special field of authority or expertise.
    Sara Lawrence Lightfoot (20th century)