Ping Pong

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The Deposition (The Office) - Production
... The ping pong game between Dwight and Mose was made using Computer-generated imagery ... Rainn Wilson and Michael Schur mimed the actions of a ping pong game, and during the stages of editing and post-production the ping pong ball was added in as an effect ...
List Of The Backyardigans Episodes - Season Three - Blazing Paddles
... Original airdate 2008-04-11 Uniqua is sheriff of the small Western town of Ping Pong Mesa ... Then, a stranger enters the town Pablo, the Ping Pong Bandit, who's the best ping pong player in the west ... He challenges them to a game of ping pong and, if they lose, they lose their paddles until someone can beat him ...
Mongolian Ping Pong
... Mongolian Ping Pong (simplified Chinese 绿草地 traditional Chinese 綠草地 pinyin Lü cao di) is a 2005 Mongolian film written and directed by Chinese director Ning Hao ... The story is a gentle art film about a Mongolian boy who discovers a ping pong ball and his journey of discovery about its origins ...
List Of The Prince Of Tennis Episodes (seasons Three And Four) - Episode List - Season 3
... Ping Pong" "Tenisu VS Pinpon" (テニスVSピンポン) February 19, 2003 During Seigaku's club day, Ryoma participates in ping pong, while other members of the team participate in ... He gets challenged by a prodigy ex-ping pong member 71 "It's a date!" "Dēto Da!" (デートだ!) February 26, 2003 Ann Tachibana asks Momoshiro for a date, but Momoshiro forces Ryoma to join too ...
Sport In The People's Republic Of China - Types of Sports - Table Tennis (ping Pong)
... Ping pong (乒乓) is the official name for the sport of table tennis in China ... team were invited to visit China, an event later called "Ping Pong Diplomacy" ...

Famous quotes containing the word pong:

    And you could have a new automobile
    Ping pong set and garage, but the thief
    Stole everything like a miracle.
    In his book there was a picture of treason only
    And in the garden, cries and colors.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)