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Admission Requirements

As a full-time gifted program, Pine View maintains selective entrance requirements. Students may be referred for admission by administrators, teachers, staff members or parents. Prospective students are admitted based on the gifted identification standards (described in the table below) that are required by the Florida Department of Education. Since other Sarasota County district schools house gifted programs, an important part of admission is considering if Pine View's program best meets the student's educational needs. At Pine View, students must enroll at the beginning of each school year. Other district gifted programs enroll students during the school year. To be eligible for admission, the following requirements must be met.

Eligibility Requirements for Pine View and Sarasota County Full-time Gifted Programs (subject to minor changes)
Requirement Description
1. Proof of residency in Sarasota County This can include recent bills or other official documentation
2. Licensed psychologist’s evaluation reporting IQ and academic achievement test scores, if interested in Pine View or full-time Gifted The evaluation Report must include both individual IQ and academic achievement testing.(Some partial scores of 130 may be considered with acceptable written justification from the examiner.) Accepted IQ Test include the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for ChildrenFourth Edition (WISC-IV), the Stanford-Binet V (SB5), or other acceptable IQ measures. Accepted Academic Achievement Tests include the Woodcock-Johnson III or Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-III. For the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement(Form A or B; Normative update required effective January 2008), the evaluation must report standard scores (age based) for reading comprehension composite broad math. The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-III evaluation must report standard scores (age based) for reading, fluency composite, and math composite. All evaluations from psychologists in private practice are subject to review and verification by Sarasota County School Board staff prior to gifted eligibility determination.
3. Gifted characteristics rating scales Renzulli’s Scales for Rating the Behavioral Characteristics of Superior Students (revised 1997) can be completed by at least one of the student’s current academic teachers. Areas rated are learning, creativity, motivation and leadership. The student must display a majority of characteristics to be considered for a gifted program. These forms are provided at most district schools.
4. Most recent report card grades, spanning one year Grades are required for reading and math.

The gifted identification requirements for students living in Sarasota County and students moving to Sarasota County are similar. However, the procedure to submit the information is slightly different. For students living in Sarasota County, students may be referred by their parents or school staff for a gifted screening. Parents can request a gifted screening by contacting the ESE Liaison at their child’s district or charter school. Parents of a child enrolled in a private school should contact the ESE Liaison at the child’s district school. If the child scores 130 on the gifted screening, then the information in the table below is collected. For students moving to Sarasota County, the students should contact the admissions office at Pine View.

If a reevaluation of a student’s academic achievement is conducted within 12 months of the previous achievement testing, then both academic areas (reading and math) must be reevaluated to provide a current assessment of the student’s academic profile. To avoid a test/retest policy violation, an alternative academic achievement test must be administered. The most current reading and math scores will be used in determining full-time gifted program eligibility.

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