Pied Raven

The Pied Raven (Corvus corax varius morpha leucophaeus) was a colour morph of the North Atlantic subspecies of the Common Raven which was only found on the Faroe Islands and has disappeared since the mid twentieth century. It had large areas of white feathering, most frequently on the head, the wings and the belly, and its beak was light brown. Apart from that, it looked like the black ravens (morpha typicus).

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Pied Raven - Disappearance
... by Skarvanesi's painting, which obviously was done from stuffed birds, the Pied Raven was an object of interest to collectors ... During the nineteenth century, the pied birds were selectively shot because they could fetch high prices the sýslumaður (sheriff) of Streymoy, Hans Christopher Müll ... amount of money for the impoverished Faroe farmers, made shooting a Pied Raven a profitable enterprise ...

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