Piñon Unified School District

Piñon Unified School District #4 is a school district located on the Navajo Nation Reservation in Piñon, Arizona, United States. The district consists of one elementary, one middle, and one high school: Pinon Elementary School, Pinon Accelerated Middle School, Pinon High School. The superintendent is Larry Wallen.

Students The vast majority of students are Native American. All live on the Navajo Reservation.

Access There is one paved road (east of Pinon) and two dirt roads (west of Pinon) which lead to the town of Pinon.

Teacher Housing: Data & Security Teachers are provided with housing near the three schools. Rent is taken from teacher paychecks. Streets have no street lamps. There is a security post located in the driveway onto school grounds. It is occasionally manned. During the 2011-2012 school year, a teacher was taken at knife-point from her home, in school district owned housing. She was raped and left for dead on the Navajo Reservation. (source) The teacher resigned. Security staff was not increased after the attack and led to complaints by teachers concerned about safety.

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    Nevertheless, no school can work well for children if parents and teachers do not act in partnership on behalf of the children’s best interests. Parents have every right to understand what is happening to their children at school, and teachers have the responsibility to share that information without prejudicial judgment.... Such communication, which can only be in a child’s interest, is not possible without mutual trust between parent and teacher.
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