Physical Sectors

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Sector Slipping - Example
... Logical Sectors Physical Sectors Pre Low-Level Format 7 ... Logical Sectors Physical Sectors Post Low-Level Format 0 -------> 1 ... -------> 2 ... -------> 3 ... (Bad) 3 -------> 5 ... (Bad) 4 ... The sectors were then slipped down to allow for the logical sectors to be placed in sequential order on good sectors ... Sector 3 was slipped down to 4 and sector 4 was slipped down to 6 ...
File Allocation Table - Technical Design - Boot Sector
... floppy disks, the Boot Sector (VBR) is the first sector (logical sector 0 with physical CHS address 0/0/1 or LBA address 0)) ... For partitioned devices such as hard drives, the first sector is the Master Boot Record defining partitions, while the first sector of partitions formatted with a FAT file system is again the Boot Sector ... If the boot sector has a valid signature residing in the last two bytes of the boot sector (tested by most boot loaders residing in the System BIOS or the MBR) and this volume is booted from ...

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