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Taft Family - Family Tree - Descendants of Joseph Taft
... Joseph Taft (1680–1747), son of Robert Taft Peter Taft (1715–1783), son of Joseph Taft Aaron Taft (1743–1808), son of Peter Taft Peter Rawson Taft I (1785–1867), son of Aaron Taft member ... attorney general (1876–1877) married first to Fanny Phelps, and second to his cousin Louisa Maria Torrey (see below) Charles Phelps Taft I (1843–1929), son of Alphonso Taft U.S ... owner of the Chicago Cubs until 1916 Peter Rawson Taft II (1846–1889), son of Alphonso Taft, brother of Charles Phelps Taft I and half brother of ...

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    The literary artist will ... portray what he knows, and little else. Imagination is built upon knowledge, and his dreams will rest upon his facts. He is worth to the world just about what he has learned from it, and no more.
    —Elizabeth Stuart Phelps (1844–1911)

    That all may be so, but when I begin to exercise that power I am not conscious of the power, but only of the limitations imposed on me.
    —William Howard Taft (1857–1930)