Phase Space Trajectory

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Recurrence Quantification Analysis - Background
... are tools which visualise the recurrence behaviour of the phase space trajectory of dynamical systems ... correspond to a typical behaviour of the phase space trajectory whereas the diagonal lines represent such segments of the phase space trajectory which run ... If only a time series is available, the phase space can be reconstructed by using a time delay embedding (see Takens' theorem) where is the time series, the embedding ...
Overview - Timeline of The Big Bang
... called "the Big Bang", but the term can also refer to the early hot, dense phase itself, which can be considered the "birth" of our Universe ... The earliest phases of the Big Bang are subject to much speculation ... Approximately 10−37 seconds into the expansion, a phase transition caused a cosmic inflation, during which the Universe grew exponentially ...

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    It no longer makes sense to speak of “feeding problems” or “sleep problems” or “negative behavior” is if they were distinct categories, but to speak of “problems of development” and to search for the meaning of feeding and sleep disturbances or behavior disorders in the developmental phase which has produced them.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    And Space with gaunt grey eyes and her brother Time
    Wheeling and whispering come,
    James Elroy Flecker (1884–1919)