Petru Giovacchini

Petru Giovacchini (February 1910 - September 1955) was a Corsican activist, born in Canale-di-Verde to an old noble Corsican family with deep-rooted pro-Italian feelings. Giovacchini was the most renowned of the Corsican Italians, who actively promoted the unification of Corsica to the Kingdom of Italy during the Fascist years.

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Petru Giovacchini - Works
... The literary works of Petru Giovacchini were Musa Canalinca (1929) Rime notturne (1930) Aurore, poesie corse (1936) Corsica Nostra (1942) Archiatri ... This was the case of Petru Giovacchini, who (after his initial poems Musa canalinca and Rime notturne, done when young) wrote his main literary works in Italy ...
Italian Irredentism In Corsica - History
... Petru Rocca created in the 1920s the Partito autonomista of Corsica (of which he was the leader) with the support of monsignor Domenico Parlotti and dr ... Marchetti, Luccarotti, Grimaldi and Petru Giovacchini (he was later proposed as a possible governor of Corsica if Italy had annexed it) ... The most renowned was Petru Giovacchini, who considered Pasquale Paoli (the hero of Corsica) as the precursor of Corsican irredentism in favor of the unification of the island ...
Petru Giovacchini - Life
... Giovacchini was disappointed with the moderate positions of the Movimento Autonomista Corso and decided to move to Italy in 1930 to study medicine at the ... In Italy Giovacchini entered in contact with the Italian irredentism movement and because of this was harshly attacked by the French authorities when he returned to ... In 1936 Giovacchini got his degree and, as a member of the Fascist Party, he quickly volunteered to fight in Ethiopia and successively in Spain, where he was wounded and got the "bronze" medal of honor ...