Petru Fudduni

Petru Fudduni (c. 1600 in Palermo, Sicily – March 22, 1670) was a poet who wrote predominantly in Sicilian. He was born Pietro Fullone but was generally known by his Sicilian name. He was Sicily's greatest and most famed writer of the 17th century. He represents a literary link between the Sicilian writers Antonio Veneziano, who wrote in the 16th century, and Giovanni Meli and Domenico Tempio, who wrote in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The themes of his poetry, if not outright religious in nature, often deal with the mysteries of life and the universe. Yet, like the works of Meli and Nino Martoglio, he was able to tackle such subjects with a great deal of humour and wit.

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Petru Fudduni - Example of His Poetry
... of poetry illustrates a favourite technique of Fudduni, where he, as a protagonist in the poem, responds to a philosophical question ... Sicilian English Petru Fudduni e lu Dottu di Tripi Petru Fudduni and the Wise Man of Tripi Lu Dottu The Wise Man Mi fu mannatu un marzapani chiusu, A sealed box was sent to me, di supra scrittu lu O e lu C on it was ... Fudduni Fudduni Lu celu è chiddu marzapanu chiusu, The sky is that sealed box, la luna cu lu suli è O e C the sun and the moon is O and C Diu è lu domanti priziusu, God is the precious stone, ca ntra lu munnu lu ...