Peter Rawson Taft

Peter Rawson Taft (April 14, 1785 – January 1, 1867) was President William Howard Taft's paternal grandfather.

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Peter Rawson Taft - Afterward
... Peter's son, Alphonso Taft (1810–1891), became the U.S ... Alphonso Taft founded Skull and Bones at Yale ... Peter Rawson Taft died at age 82 in Cincinnati, Ohio ...
Taft Family - Mendon-Uxbridge Connections To The Ohio Tafts, Presidential Ancestors
... President William Howard Taft's grandfather, Peter Rawson Taft I, was born in Uxbridge in 1785 and grew up there ... The story is told that Peter Rawson, walked a cow all the way from Uxbridge to Townshend, a distance of well over 100 miles ... The "Aaron Taft house" is now on the National Historic Register ...
Taft Family - Family Tree - Descendants of Joseph Taft
... Joseph Taft (1680–1747), son of Robert Taft Peter Taft (1715–1783), son of Joseph Taft Aaron Taft (1743–1808), son of Peter Taft Peter Rawson ... his cousin Louisa Maria Torrey (see below) Charles Phelps Taft I (1843–1929), son of Alphonso Taft U.S ... representative, owner of the Chicago Cubs until 1916 Peter Rawson Taft II (1846–1889), son of Alphonso Taft, brother of Charles Phelps Taft I and half brother of ...

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