Peel Regional Police - Uniform


As of January 2010, front line officers wear black shirts, cargo pants with a red stripe and boots. Winter jackets are either black or reflective orange/yellow with the word POLICE in white and blue at the back. Hats are standard forage caps with a red band. Yukon hats or embroidered toques are worn in the winter.

Senior officers wear white shirts and a black dress jacket.

----- Amendment -----

The Peel Regional Police do not wear black shirts or jackets, they are dark-navy.

- Frontline officers wear dark-navy shirts, v-neck sweaters (optional during cold weather months), and side-pocket patrol pants ("cargo pants") w/ red stripe (ranks Sergeant and higher wear a black stripe down their pant leg in place of red); and officers wear dark-navy epaulet (rank) slip-ons on the epaulets of shirts, sweaters, and jackets w/ embroidered Canadian flag and badge number (in white) beneath on each (rank insignia above the flag for ranks above constable).

- Senior officers do wear white shirts, dark-navy pants (no side pocket/cargo pocket) w/ black stripe, and dark-navy jackets. Dark-navy v-neck sweaters are also worn. Senior officers wear gold collar brass (on the collar of their shirts) and dark-navy epaulet (rank) slip-ons on the epaulets of shirts, sweaters, and jackets w/ embroidered Canadian flag, no badge number, and applicable rank insignia above the flag.

- The external carriers (body armour) worn by officers ARE black w/ silver 'POLICE' on the back and an embroidered patch over the right pocket w/ badge # embroidered in white. This is the only uniform item that is black (currently); they may switch to matching dark-navy carriers in the future.

- On dark-navy v-neck sweaters, an embroidered patch is worn on the left chest w/ 'POLICE' in white.

- Officers standard headdress is the forage (or peak) cap; the cap is dark-navy w/ black peak, red band, and silver cap badge (gold cap badge for senior officers). Optional Yukon hat (artificial fur hat) or uniform toque can be worn in the winter. Officers of the Sikh faith are permitted to wear uniform turban (dark-navy blue with red stripe and cap badge).

- The shoulder flash (embroidered patch) worn on each arm by officers ranked Constable through Staff Sergeant has white border, white lettering, black background, and coloured seal of the Regional Municipality of Peel.

- The shoulder flash (embroidered patch) worn on each arm by senior officers (Inspector and above) has gold border, gold lettering, black background, and coloured seal of the Regional Municipality of Peel.

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