PC Atari Emulator - Peripheral Devices

Peripheral Devices

The emulator emulates most Atari 2600 peripheral devices, including standard joysticks, paddle controllers, the Atari Video Touch Pad, the Atari Keyboard, the Atari Indy 500 Driving controllers, the CBS Booster-Grip controller, the CommaVid RAM-cart, and the Spectravideo Compumate computer keyboard.

The emulator does not have support for cassette-based titles designed to work with the Starpath Supercharger or the Coleco KidVid cassette player. If the user plays Starpath Supercharger, it will only play the first game on the tape. The user cannot advance the tape to play another title on the same tape. Also, as Starpath Supercharger ROMs have an extension of .a26, the extension must be changed to .bin for them to play at all.

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