Payload may refer to:

  • Payload (air and space craft), the carrying capacity of an aircraft or spacecraft
  • Payload (computing), the cargo information within a data transmission, or the part of a computer virus which performs a malicious action
  • The Payload game mode in Team Fortress 2 in which the attacking team must push a bomb to the defending base

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STS-135 - Shuttle Processing - Payload Canister
... The STS-135 payload canister's move to Launch Pad 39A began in the night of 16 June ... Atlantis to gain access to the orbiter's payload bay ... The payload bay doors were opened on the night of 18 June and the cargo was installed into the shuttle's payload bay on 20 June ...
Swarm (spacecraft) - Payload
... The payload of the three spacecraft consists of the following instruments Vector Field Magnetometer (VFM) Linear and low-noise measurements of the Earth's magnetic field vector components ...
Payload - See Also
... Payload, a Finnish hard rock/heavy metal band, http// Cargo, goods being transported ...
Marisat - Design - Payload
... The UHF payload provided one 500 kHz wide-band channel and two 25 kHz narrow-band channels ... The UHF payload on Marisat was designed as a "gapfiller" to support the U.S ...
Stratospheric Sulfate Aerosols (geoengineering) - Delivery Methods
... such as the F15-C variant of the F-15 Eagle have the necessary flight ceiling, but limited payload ... Extender also have the necessary ceiling and have greater payload ... and expensive gunpowder charge to loft the payload ...