Paul Keddy - Articles (from Over 150)

Articles (from Over 150)

Tactics and strategies for ecological research

Keddy, P.A. 2005. Putting the plants back into plant ecology: six pragmatic models for understanding and conserving plant diversity. (Invited Review) Annals of Botany 95(9): 1-13.

Keddy, P. 1994. Reflections on the 21st birthday of MacArthur's Geographical Ecology - applications of the Hertzprung-Russel star diagram to ecology. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 9: 231-234.

Keddy, P.A. 1987. Beyond reductionism and scholasticism in plant community ecology.

Community assembly rules

Keddy, P.A. 1999. Wetland restoration: the potential for assembly rules in the service of conservation. Wetlands 19:716-732.

Weiher, E., I. C. Wisheu, P.A. Keddy and D.R.J. Moore. 1996. Establishment, persistence, and management implications of experimental wetland plant communities. Wetlands 16: 208-218.

Weiher, E. and P.A. Keddy. 1995. Assembly rules, null models, and trait dispersion: new questions from old patterns. Oikos 74: 159-165.

Competition: gradients & competitive hierarchies

Twolan-Strutt, L. and P.A. Keddy. 1996. Above- and below-ground competition intensity in two contrasting wetland plant communities. Ecology 77: 259-270.

Gaudet, C.L. and P.A. Keddy. 1995. Competitive performance and species distribution in shoreline plant communities: a comparative approach. Ecology 76: 280-291.

Wilson, S. D. and P.A. Keddy. 1986. Measuring diffuse competition along an environmental gradient: Results from a shoreline plant community. The American Naturalist 127: 862 869.

Centrifugal organization

Wisheu, I. C. and P.A. Keddy. 1992. Competition and centrifugal organization of ecological communities: theory and tests. Journal of Vegetation Science 3: 147-156.

Keddy, P.A. and P. MacLellan. 1990. Centrifugal organization in forests. Oikos 58: 75-84.

Coastal plain shoreline vegetation- Nova Scotia & Ontario

Wisheu, I. C., C. J. Keddy, P.A. Keddy, and N.M. Hill. 1994. Disjunct Atlantic coastal plain species in Nova Scotia: distribution, habitat and conservation priorities. Biological Conservation 68: 217-224.

Keddy, P.A. 1985. Lakeshore plants in the Tusket River Valley, Nova Scotia: the distribution and status of some rare species including Coreopsis rosea and Sabatia kennedyana. Rhodora 87:309-320.

Keddy, P.A. 1981. Vegetation with Atlantic coastal plain affinities in Axe Lake, near Georgian Bay, Ontario. Canadian Field-Naturalist 95: 241-248.

Great Lakes wetlands

Keddy, P. A. and Reznicek, A. A. (1986). Great Lakes vegetation dynamics: the role of fluctuating water levels and buried seeds. Journal of Great Lakes Research 12: 25–36.

Moore, D.R.J., P.A. Keddy, C.L. Gaudet and I. C. Wisheu. 1989. Conservation of wetlands: do infertile wetlands deserve a higher priority? Biological Conservation 47: 203-217.

Riverine wetlands: basic principles and applications

Hill, N. M., P. A. Keddy and I. C. Wisheu. 1998. A hydrological model for predicting the effects of dams on the shoreline vegetation of lakes and reservoirs. Environmental Management 22:723-736.

Toner, M, and P. Keddy. 1997. River hydrology and riparian wetlands: a predictive model for ecological assembly. Ecological Applications 7: 236-246.

Day, R., P.A. Keddy, J. McNeill and T. Carleton. 1988. Fertility and disturbance gradients: a summary model for riverine marsh vegetation. Ecology 69:1044 1054.

Plant zonation

Shipley, B. and P. Keddy. 1987. The individualistic and community unit concepts as falsifiable hypotheses. Vegetatio 69:47 55.

Keddy, P.A. 1984. Plant zonation on lakeshores in Nova Scotia: a test of the resource specialisation hypothesis. Journal of Ecology 72:797 808.

Keddy, P.A. 1983. Shoreline vegetation in Axe Lake, Ontario: Effects of exposure on zonation patterns. Ecology 64: 331 344.

Plant diversity

Keddy, P.A., L. Smith, D.R. Campbell, M. Clark and G. Montz. 2006. Patterns of herbaceous plant diversity in southeastern Louisiana pine savannas. Applied Vegetation Science 9:17-26.

Keddy, P.A. and L.H. Fraser. 2000. Four general principles for the management and conservation of wetlands in large lakes: the role of water levels, nutrients, competitive hierarchies and centrifugal organization. Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management 5:177-185.

Shipley, B. S., P.A. Keddy, D.R.J. Moore and C. Gaudet. 1991. A model of species density in shoreline vegetation. Ecology 72: 1658-1667.

Ecosystem restoration

Keddy, P.A. 2009. Thinking big: a conservation vision for the southeastern coastal plain of North America. Southeastern Naturalist 8: 213-226.

Keddy, P.A., D. Campbell, T. McFalls, G. Shaffer, R. Moreau, C. Dranguet, and R. Heleniak. 2007. The wetlands of lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas: past, present and future. Environmental Reviews 15: 1- 35.

Keddy, P.A. and C.G. Drummond. 1996. Ecological properties for the evaluation, management, and restoration of temperate deciduous forest ecosystems. Ecological Applications 6: 748-762.

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