Paul De Schlözer

Paul de Schlözer (1841 or 1842 – 1898), also seen as Paul Schlözer, Paul (de) Schlozer, Paul (de) Schloezer, Paul von Schlözer, Paweł Schlözer, Pyotr von Schlözer and Pavel Schletzer, was an obscure Polish or Russian pianist and teacher of German descent. He was possibly also a composer, but the only two works attributed to him may have been written by Moritz Moszkowski.

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Paul De Schlözer - Controversy
... Some historians believe that de Schlözer was not the composer of these études at all, and given their virtuosity, it is very intriguing why nothing else from his pen ever appeared, or why he did not ... that they were in fact written by Moritz Moszkowski, who lost the manuscript to de Schlözer in a card game, who published them as his own works ... The similarities between de Schlözer’s Etude No ...

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