Patent Office

A patent office is a governmental or intergovernmental organization which controls the issue of patents. In other words, "patent offices are government bodies that may grant a patent or reject the patent application based on whether or not the application fulfils the requirements for patentability."

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List of Past Patent Offices or The Like
... Confederate Patent Office Goskomizobretenie (Soviet patent office) International Patent Institute ...
The Telephone Gambit
... It explains how an inside source at the patent office apparently enabled Bell to gain access to and to steal Elisha Gray's invention ... January, 1876, Bell makes 3 copies of his original patent application. 1876 Elisha Gray files a "caveat" (like a provisional patent application) for a variable resistance telephone ...
Gorgoroth Name Dispute - History - Acceptance of King's Trademark Application By Patentstyret (December 2007 - January 2008)
... delivered a statement claiming that it had been "legally determined" by the Norwegian patent office that they retained "the rightful ownership and use of the ... full-length album." Infernus subsequently declared that the Norwegian patent office decision would be appealed by Regain Records and himself ...
Soft IP
... This is particularly applicable to patents ... defined for situations involving the innocent infringement of a patent ... An innocent infringer is one who did not know of the patent or could not reasonably be expected to have known of the patent and who would be willing to take a license ...
History Of United States Patent Law - Other Notable Dates
... 1790 – First US Patent Act drafted in the US Constitution ... The first US Patent, numbered X000001 (pictured right), was granted on July 31, 1790 ... The patent was granted by Thomas Jefferson ...

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    There is a patent office at the seat of government of the universe, whose managers are as much interested in the dispersion of seeds as anybody at Washington can be, and their operations are infinitely more extensive and regular.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)