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Introduction To Quantum Mechanics - Photons: The Quantisation of Light - The Photoelectric Effect
... Einstein explained the effect by postulating that a beam of light is a stream of particles (photons), and that if the beam is of frequency f then each ... Therefore, the intensity of the beam has no effect only its frequency determines the maximum energy that can be imparted to the electron ... Einstein's description of light as being composed of particles extended Planck's notion of quantised energy a single photon of a given frequency f delivers an invariant amount of energy hf ...
Directed-energy Weapon - Particle Beam Weapons
... Particle beam weapons can use charged or neutral particles, and can be either endoatmospheric or exoatmospheric ... Particle beams as beam weapons are theoretically possible, but practical weapons have not been demonstrated ... Certain types of particle beams have the advantage of being self-focusing in the atmosphere ...
Particle Beam
... A particle beam is a stream of charged or neutral particles, in many cases moving at near the speed of light ... There is a difference between creation and control of charged particle beams to neutral particle beams, as only the first type can be manipulated to a sufficient extent by ... The manipulation and diagnostics of charged particle beams at high kinetic energies using particle accelerators are main topics of accelerator physics ...
List Of CAx Companies - Existing CAx Software Companies
... extensible and customizable enabling simulation of a wide range of bulk particle processes ... Couples with other CAE programs enabling multi-physics simulation of particle-fluid, particle-structure and particle-emag processes ... Model and apply Load Cases to Trusses, Frames (Beam and Column), Walls and Slabs, Retaining Walls, Footings and Foundations ...
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath - Gameplay - Sub-factions - Brotherhood of Nod
... as well as anti-infantry Gatling guns which can be upgraded with "Charged Particle Beams" to increase their firepower (Charged Particle Beams are also applied to the Shredder Turret for increased firepower) ... cyborg infantry squads are comparable to GDI’s Zone Troopers, and are armed with particle beams and an EMP attack that has an even bigger radius than that of the Awakened ... Additionally, Enlightened cyborgs can be upgraded with Supercharged Particle Beams which are also applied to Shredder Turrets and Venom Aircraft ...

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    When Gabriel’s trumpet ends all life’s delay,
    Will crash the beams of firmamental woe:
    Not nature will sustain the even crime
    Of death, though death sustains all nature, so.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    Each particle is a microcosm, and faithfully renders the likeness of the world.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)