Parasites (band) - The Parasites Discography - Compilations


  • Bands Only a Mutha Could Love - Mutha Records CD, US (1988)
  • Brain Food - Dead Issue Records LP, US (1989)
  • The World's in Shreds Vol. 4 7" EP - Shredder Records, US (1990)
  • I Hear Ya! - Caroline Records CD, US (1994)
  • Teenage Kicks - Custodial Records 10" EP, US (1995), Liberation Records, CD US (1997)
  • Punk Rock Mega Explosion - Factory/Conforte CD, Spain (1995)
  • Homage - (Descendents tribute album) - Coolidge Records CD, US (1995)
  • Water Music - Just Add Water Records CD, US (1995), Rhetoric Records LP, US (1996)
  • LA 1a Internacional - Munster Records CD, Spain (1995)
  • The Big Giveaway - (Shredder/Allied/Broken/Jade Tree Sampler) - Mordam Records CD, US (1996)
  • Punk + - K-Tel Records CD, Scandinavia (1996)
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Water - Just Add Water Records CD, US (1996), Rhetoric Records LP, US (1997)
  • Shreds Volume 3 - Shredder Records CD, US (1996)
  • Keep the Beat - Hairball 8 Records CD, US (1996)
  • Back Asswards - Interbang Records CD, US (1996)
  • More Bounce to the Ounce - Lookout! Records 2 X CD + 2 X LP, US (1997)
  • The Great Soap Opera - Wormhole/Atomic Tomato Records CD, US(1997)
  • The Last Great Thing You Did - Lookout! Records CD, US (1997)
  • Pop Punk's Not Dead - Go Kart Records CD, US (2007)
  • The World's In Shreds Boxed Set - 7" EP Boxed Set Shredder Records US (2008)

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