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Walter Bishop (Fringe) - Arc - Walternate
... Walter also exists in the show's parallel universe, though to distinguish between the prime and parallel versions of Walter, the show's characters as well as its ... Walternate in the parallel universe had a similar history to Walter through 1985, having married the same Elizabeth and having their own child Peter ... variations in their history as well, in part due to the William Bell of the parallel universe dying in a car accident as a child and thus never befriending Walternate ...
CMB Cold Spot - Possible Causes Other Than Primordial Temperature Fluctuation - Parallel Universe
... by Laura Mersini-Houghton is that it could be the imprint of another universe beyond our own, caused by quantum entanglement between universes before they were separated by cosmic inflation ... WMAP cold spot is "… the unmistakable imprint of another universe beyond the edge of our own." If true this provides the first empirical evidence for a parallel universe (though theoretical models of parallel ... If the parallel universe theory is true there will be a similar void in the opposite hemisphere of the Celestial sphere (which New Scientist reported to be the Southern hemisphere the ...
List Of Fringe Characters - Minor Characters
... While in our universe, Diane has left Phillip because of his obsession with his work, in the parallel universe, the Broyles were still happily married until ... Clark helped the Fringe team retrieve Peter from the parallel universe, but died after incinerating herself and the surrounding area ... While dead for many years in our universe, she is alive and well in the parallel universe, maintaining a close relationship with Fauxlivia ...
Tenth Doctor - Appearances - Television
... is the scene for war between the evil alien Daleks and parallel-universe cyborgs the Cybermen saving the Earth costs the Doctor Rose, who is stranded in a parallel universe, along with ... In parallel with the third series, Tennant lends his voice to the animated serial The Infinite Quest ... Donna reunite with former companions Rose, Sarah Jane, Martha, Jack, and Mickey to save the universe from Davros (Julian Bleach), the creator of the Daleks ...
Parallel Universe (company)
... Parallel Universe produced the documentary films Info Wars, The War on Drugs and War on Terror ... Parallel Universe is based in Europe and was founded in 2004 ...

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    We tend to be so bombarded with information, and we move so quickly, that there’s a tendency to treat everything on the surface level and process things quickly. This is antithetical to the kind of openness and perception you have to have to be receptive to poetry. ... poetry seems to exist in a parallel universe outside daily life in America.
    Rita Dove (b. 1952)