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1919 United States Anarchist Bombings - June Bombings
... Mitchell Palmer, already the recipient of a mail bomb in April, were attacked in the new wave of violence ... the bomb intended for Attorney General Palmer's home prematurely exploded, killing Carlo Valdinoci, a former editor of the Galleanist publication Cronaca Sovversiva and a close associate of Galleani ... Though not seriously injured, Palmer and his family were shaken by the blast, and the house itself was largely demolished ...
Palmer, Washington
... Palmer is an unincorporated community in King County, Washington, United States ... along the Green River next to the Kanaskat-Palmer State Park ... Palmer was originally a telegraph station on the Northern Pacific Railway opened during the construction of the railway's line across Stampede Pass circa 1886 ...
Supertramp (album) - Background and Recording
... Palmer himself later said that he considered writing lyrics "like having to do school work" at the time ... which were pretty intense as it was, because we fought a lot with Richard Palmer." He was fond of the resulting album, however, and commented over a decade later that "It was very naive ...
Alfred Palmer
... Alfred Palmer (1852-cir 1936) was a member of the Palmer family, proprietors of the Huntley Palmers biscuit manufacturers of Reading in England ... He was the son of George Palmer and his wife, Elizabeth Sarah, the daughter of Robert Meteyard ... Palmer spent over fifty years working for the Huntley Palmers biscuit company, chiefly as the head of the engineering department where he was responsible for the ...
Good Day (The Dresden Dolls Song)
... The set also included a photograph signed by Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione ... In The Dresden Dolls Companion, Amanda Palmer has published the lyrics, sheet music, history, and creative process for this single ... a noticeably different sound from the band's usual material, with Palmer contributing vocals and tambourine, and Viglione playing the electric guitar ...

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    ... the sentimentalist ... exclaims: “Would you have a woman step down from her pedestal in order to enter practical life?” Yes! A thousand times, yes! If we can really find, after a careful search, any women mounted upon pedestals, we should willingly ask them to step down in order that they may meet and help to uplift their sisters. Freedom and justice for all are infinitely more to be desired than pedestals for a few.
    —Bertha Honore Potter Palmer (1849–1918)

    When I tried to talk to my father about the kind of work I might do after college, he said, “You know, Charlotte, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to that, and it seems to me that the world really needs good, competent secretaries. Your English degree will help you.” He said this with perfect seriousness. I was an A student at Bryn Mawr ...
    —Charlotte Palmer (b. c. 1925)

    Consider the value to the race of one-half of its members being enabled to throw aside the intolerable bondage of ignorance that has always weighed them down!
    —Bertha Honore Potter Palmer (1849–1918)