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The Palatinal Crypt consists of three interconnected vaults. The crypt itself is identical with the innermost vault (Room C). In Room B and C the side walls are clad with false marble revetment while the vaulted ceiling is decorated with frescoes depicting the starry sky and angels in the corners. There is a terrazzo floor in grey and claret hues.

  • Room A - A small chapel with a simple altar. The Archdiocese of Esztergom gave permission to celebrate mass in the crypt on 23 April 1838.
  • Room B - The middle room was left empty during Palatine Joseph's lifetime. Later two Habsburg children were buried here, Archduchess Gizella (1897-1901) and Archduke Matthew (1904-1905), grand-grandchildren of the Palatine. Gizella's sarcophagus is decorated with the charming statue of the small archduchess, made by sculptor Károly Senyey. The marble statue was modelled after a family photograph.
  • Room C - The innermost vault houses 12 sarcophagi. The sarcophagus of Palatine Joseph (1776-1847) is situated in the middle of the room. It is decorated with a monumental, double life-sized marble statue, made by sculptor György Zala. The Palatine is kneeling, his right arm stretched out protectively above the Crown of Saint Stephen. There is a small tomb at the entrance of the vault, right in front of Palatine Joseph's sarchophagus, which contains the remains of Archduchess Elisabeth Clementine (1865-1866). It is decorated with the charming marble statue of the small archduchess, praying to God (made by Alajos Stróbl). There is a big double sarcophagus situated near the southern wall of the crypt, containing the bodies of Archduke Joseph Charles (1833-1905) and his wife, Klotild (1846-1927). Their marble statues were made by György Zala and modelled after their death masks. A bronze Angel of the Peace is standing above them with outstreched wings. During the restoration works in 1978 Archduchess Klotild Maria (1884-1903) was reburied in the tomb of her parents.

The tomb of Ladislaus Philip (1875-1895) is decorated with a white marble statue of the young archduke who died in a tragic hunting accident. The statue was made by Alajos Stróbl and it was modelled after his death mask. Two tombs near the entrance contain the remains of Archduchess Elizabeth Carolina (1820) and Paulina (1801). The obelisks are decorated with flying bronze angels and crowned with archducal crowns.

The other tombs are simpler, with the remains of Palatine Stephen (1817-1867), Archduke Alexander Leopold (1827-1835), Archduchess Maria Dorothea (1797-1855), Archduchess Hermina Maria (1797-1817), Archduchess Hermina Amalie (1817-1842) and Alexandra Pavlovna of Russia (1783-1801).

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