Pakistan Studies

Pakistan Studies

Pakistan studies curriculum (Urdu: مطالعہ پاکستان Muṭāla e-Pākistān) is the name of a curriculum of academic research and study that encompasses the culture, demographics, geography, history, and politics of Pakistan. The subject is widely researched in and outside the country. Several universities in Pakistan have departments and research centres dedicated to the subject, whereas many independent research institutes carry out multidisciplinary research on Pakistan Studies. There are also a number of international organisations that are engaged in collaborative teaching, research, and exchange activities on the subject.

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Pakistan Studies - In Pakistan - Curriculum Reforms
... on the need to update the curricula at all levels of education, the Government of Pakistan carried out measures in 2006 to improve the national curriculum for Pakistan Studies ... These actions were based on the earlier studies and recommendations by the former University Grants Commission in 2001 and then later by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC ... of Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Pakistan Studies ...
Cadet College Razmak - Academics
... School Certificate Examination English, Urdu, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science ... Intermediate Examination (Pre-Engineering Group) English, Urdu, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry ... (Pre-Medical Group) English, Urdu, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, Biology, Physics and Chemistry ...
Persection Of Hindus - Contemporary Persecution - Partition of India - Pakistan Studies Curriculum Issues
... 'Associated with the insistence on the Ideology of Pakistan has been an essential component of hate against India and the Hindus ... For the upholders of the Ideology of Pakistan, the existence of Pakistan is defined only in relation to Hindus, and hence the Hindus have to be painted as negatively as possible' A 2005 ... Pakistan Studies textbooks are an active site to represent India as a hostile neighbour' the report stated ...

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