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Louise Bourgeois - Work - Pervasive Themes
... "He was the wolf, and she was the rational hare, forgiving and accepting him as he was." Page text ... Page text ... years as an artist and continue to find expression in her sculpture, installations, and prints." Page text ...
White Willow (band)
... Twilight unfolds and reveals itself like a painting that shows more and more with each viewing."Page text ... called the album "a tour de force in inventive art rock".Page text ... MSN Music called it "a gorgeous, haunting album".Page text ...

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    There’s a great text in Galatians,
    Once you trip on it, entails
    Twenty-nine distinct damnations,
    One sure, if another fails:
    Robert Browning (1812–1889)

    When you’ve been blind as long as I have, you learn to see through your senses. I can’t explain it exactly, but you get a feeling about people when you meet them. You see a picture of them in your mind. Not just what they look like, but what they really are. You see them much more clearly than you do with your eyes. Maybe that’s why they say looks are deceptive.
    —George Bricker. Jean Yarbrough. Helen Page (Jane Adams)